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We create full interactive courses, modules, course elements, activities, graphics, workbooks, and more to keep learners engaged.

Need help with instructional design or content production?

We convert your raw content to engaging online learning with matrixed outcomes.

We don't just develop eLearning, we make it fun

We don’t just develop eLearning, we make it fun

At eHub studio, we’re experts in converting your existing training content into beautiful, engaging eLearning or creating an online course from scratch. And with our LMS you can easily manage and deliver your content to learners anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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eHub Studio: Experts in Interactive eLearning Design

We’re a dynamic team with over ten years of instructional design and website building experience.

Our professional content production experience spans many sectors, making us uniquely positioned to help you achieve your training goals on any platform.

Creating professional online content is our business and we do it with some of the best software out there.  For example, we use high-end authoring and graphics software like Articulate Storyline 360, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Powtoons and more.

In our eyes, your training programs deserve the best. That’s why we provide custom images, animations and graphics that make your content shine online.

So take advantage of our services and boost your online training success.

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Need to make your training material interactive?

Do you have current training material but are unsure how to turn it into interactive and amazing content online? That’s where our expertise can help.

Whether it’s engaging and interactive learning materials or fun game-based activities – we help you immerse learners in an exciting new digital world. 

We use our design and production to help you make your online programs attract and engage learners. 

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Your one-stop shop for eLearning

eHub Studio is your one-stop-shop for producing all aspects of eLearning content.

We are confident in our experience to create compelling eLearning courses.

Whether you’re looking for a simple training program, converting face-to-face content, gamifiying learning or delivering advanced digital courses, we have the know-how and creativity necessary for online success.

That’s why you’ll find all our instructional design, creative design and technical authoring services you need under one roof.

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eLearning Design

Boost online participation and student outcomes using our expertise.

SCORM Output

We not only create high-quality eLearning content, but we output to SCORM, TinCan and HTML.

Course Production

Create industry-leading online courses with our professional production and design skills.


Convert dry subject key points into exciting games to boost engagement and learning.

Immersive Scenarios

Craft realistic scenarios to help learners acquire new skills and apply them to real life.

360 Degree Images

Amp up the fun with interactive panoramas, virtual tours, and explore-type activities.


Utilise energised, fun and attention-grabbing explainers and videos.

Use our LMS

Enhance training, reach more learners and save money by connecting to our LMS.

Don’t get left behind in the digital age Engage Entertain Reward

eHub Studio helps you create affordable, easy-to-use online learning that boosts participation, engages students and delivers targeted outcomes.

Clients from the training, education and business sectors trust and love our eHub Studio services. We’re affordable and put fun into our work.

Create your course today and future-proof your education delivery.

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Are you ready to take your training program to the next level?

From start to finish we manage the production of your online content in-house.  Having our instructional design, writing, creative design, and technical production under one roof offers you many benefits including:

  1. Saving time and money by working seamlessly with one contact, and
  2. getting your content produced quickly and on budget.

If you’ve been searching for a company that can manage all aspects of your online content production look no further. 
Talk to us at eHub Studio.







Do you have the time, skills and software to create your eLearning?

If yes, keep reading. You’ll discover tips and hints from our instructional design and creative development experts.

But if not, our range of instructional design, content writing and production services will get your content online fast.

Benefits of using eHub Studio’s eLearning Development

Learning content is customised to fit your organisation’s culture and context.

Scenarios, simulations, case studies and relatable stories are incorporated so that learners connect their experiences with real-world applications.

Proven learning principles are the foundation of all eHub Studio’s instructional design.

Learning content is based on solid educational principles to minimise cognitive overload and help keep your learners engaged and retain more information.

Course development is learner-centred and visually rich.

Immersive content stimulates online learners and motivates them to explore and learn.

Gamification increases intrinsic learning by making it fun.

With a multi-device approach, we ensure content is easily accessible across a host of devices.

Website design for eLearning Portals

Are you ready to sell your courses online?

We also build stunning WordPress learning portal websites that are easy to manage and promote your brand online. ​We have helped RTOs, businesses and organisations increase their impact with the right learning solutions at the right price point.

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eHub Studio

eHub Studio is your one-stop-shop for creating engaging eLearning courses, modules, interactive content and more.

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